Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Twofer Card Challenge #41 ~ Final Challenge

Hello and Welcome!

I hope this finds you and your families doing well and I hope our challenge will inspire you to play along, have some fun, and make two cards for two special someones!
This month our challenge prompt is šŸ¶DOG/CATšŸ±
  • Feel free to interpret the prompt however it inspires you to make two different design layouts for two different occasions. There is more important information in the Rules, Definitions/Examples, and FAQ tabs above. You might also find this post to be helpful. Two different designs means not putting your prompt image and sentiment in the same place on both cards. 
  • Please remember that you must use the same stamp, as opposed to the same set of stamps. 
  • You may use digis or computer programs such as Silhouette or Cricit for any elements of your Twofer designs, except the prompt element.
  • You're welcome to make two conventional designs or a combination of one conventional and one unconventional design. 

Final Challenge

After much thought, I have decided that this month will be the last challenge for the Twofer Card Challenge. Between family health problems and priority changes, it's the best thing for me. I've had fun coming up with prompts each month and I've received so much inspiration from all of you who have played along. I know we have a lot of fans who will be disappointed and I'm sorry. I hope that you will continue on your own to stretch your design skills using the Twofer concept and I look forward to seeing what you make on your blogs.

I want to thank my Social Media Coordinator, Cat, and all my past and present Design Team members, with a big shout out to Anita and Bev and my Blog Administrator, Loll, who have been with me from the very beginning. All these ladies have worked very hard behind the scenes every month to inspire you and leave you some love and I couldn't have managed this challenge without them. 

I have to add that I went back to our very first challenge and I was overwhelmed again that 132 of you played along to show your support! It meant the world to me then and it still does. Thank you so much for playing the last four years. Mwah!

Now let's get inspired for this final challenge!

Guest Designers

Please welcome Vicky with her wonderful Twofer designs!
Thank you for the inspiration, Vicky!

And please welcome
 Donna with her wonderful Twofer designs:

Thank you for the inspiration, Donna!

Design Team

We hope you will also be inspired by the example creations from the Design Team!
As you know, Anita is on a break, so there is no usual link to/post at her blog, but she didn't want to miss joining in for our last challenge to inspire you with these adorable doggie Twofer designs! I'm delighted she was able to join the Team for the final time. Thank you, Anita.
The challenge is open until 11:55 PM (PST) August 24th.
We will be choosing winners and they will be posted 
at 12:05 AM (PST) on August 30th.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the twofer challenge Darnell but health, family and priorities always come first x.
    Sorry not to have always joined in but I take such a long time to make one card....lol x. I have always been hugely inspired by your wonderful DT and guests and I will always cherish my 'special blog badge win' of being the 'unconventional' winner.
    Thank you all for your fun and fabulous inspirational cards today x.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this but I totally understand. I've enjoyed making my brain think up ways to do this challenge every month. I love seeing what everyone creates, especially the unconventional cards. This has been a fun challenge, Darnell, and thank you for doing it. Also, a big shout out to all the gals who have helped make this so successful. Keep posting your fun cards and sharing your humor and making us laugh. It's been a great journey with you.

  3. As sorry as I am to see this challenge stop, I totally love that you have chosen health and family first! I pray you and hubby are okay and it's nothing serious to cause you to make this decision. We love you and everything you have done to enrich our lives both in challenges and words! Take care!

  4. Wow that was a fast 4 years! Anything you do is a success šŸ˜€

  5. NO matter what....I Have to play in your final snarky Twofer Challenge, my dear sweet snarky friend:-) Thank you so very much for 4 (amazing) years of Twofer inspirations by you, your DT, GD and Followers...Wow!! Take care of yourself Dolly and please do keep in touch with your fun creations and Stories!! Hopefully you can keep up your NBUS Challenge. All the Dog and Cat Twofer cards by you, your DP and GD are so inspiring and especially SO Fun this month..as always! Love and a Big Hug...Nancy

  6. So sorry to see that you're closing your challenge blog down, but totally understand. Take care of yourself first as it's more important for sure! Sending you best wishes and hugs friend.

  7. Those four years have flown by. I've had so much fun playing in this challenge, Dolly! Thank you!! Love, Lolly

  8. Oh my dear and fabulous ladies, I'm so very sorry to see this challenge go, it's been a fun and amazing ride from the get go, I've loved participating in it, loved to challenged my brain to create the two cards following the directions.
    All of you will be missed by all of us who got to know you trough this fun challenge, so thank you, THANK YOU so much for 4 awesome years.
    I wish you all the best, I totally understand the reasons why you decided to close this challenge, I'm sure it took a lot of thinking and I'm also sure it was painful but it will be for the best.
    God Bless you all.
    Lots of love.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  9. So sorry to see the Twofer Challenge go but it's been a great 4 years, Darnell & team!! I played in Challenge #1 and many since, plus was a guest designer more than once. I'm so thankful you offered this challenge and appreciate all your inspiration over these years!! Best wishes and big hugs to all of you!!

  10. Has it really been four years ..... WOW! So sorry to hear this is the last Twofer challenge but health and family must come first. I haven't always played along but I've loved following each month. Sending you hugs xxx

  11. Oh I am DEFINITELY bummed! But totally understand and support the decision -- health MUST come first! I haven't played much of recent due to a lot of factors but I vow to TRY this month! Your team has put together an incredible grouping of cards above -- hugs to all who have worked so hard

  12. So sorry to see this wonderful challenge go but health and other priorities must definitely come first! Sorry I haven't been able to join in very much but have been inspired by the gorgeous and clever twofer cards. This month's cards are truly awesome, you are going out on a high! I will try my best to join in. Take care and thank you!!! xxx

  13. Firstly, I am sorry that this is the final challenge, but of course family and health should always come first and it has been four fabulous years Darnell. This is a great choice of theme and love all the inspiration from the DT and your two wonderful GD's Vicky and Donna with their terrific cards. Thanks also for all the hard work and effort put in to all of the last 40 challenges too, and I will do my best to actually get both cards done in time to enter this last one. x

  14. Oh so sorry that this is the final challenge. - I didn't participate often but enjoyed it when I did. Perhaps someone from your wonderful design team would like to take over this challenge as I know many people so enjoyed it and it was always fun to see what everyone came up with. - God Bless you for your time spent with this and may your next steps in life be as fulfilling.

  15. So sad to hear as I always look forward to this challenge each month but totally understand that at some point something has to give! Look after yourself so I can read your wonderful posts (and snort my coffee because you've made me laugh so hard)! You definitely have aweigh with words! Many thanks to Loll and the team who have helped you make this challenge so successful! And a special thanks to Anita for joining in this final challenge - p.s. we miss you!

  16. So sorry you are closing the challenge but 4 years is a long time. YOU have to come first and getting your priorities right is important. I remember when I first saw twofers, you started not long after I had closed a challenge of the exact same name hahaha. It has been a great success and will be missed but I confident we will still bump into each other in blogland. Take Care, Keep Well and HAVE FUN

  17. I'm sad to see you stopping the Twofers (despite not managing many entries) but you must do what is best for you. Thank you to you and your team for the work you have put in to this blog - wishing you all the best


  18. I am feeling sad knowing this will be the final twofer challenge, but thanks to everyone for all of their hard work and efforts in bringing this to all of us stampers each month! We all need to prioritize as life changes for each of us, but I wish everyone well and can't thank you enough for all you've done! Big hugs and MWAH to each and every one of you! See ya later! (that's easier than good-bye)

  19. I had such fun with this challenge when time and my brain cells allowed! Four years is a good run, Darnell, and you and your team have always done an amazing job with your presentation. I know it has not always been easy. It will be good to ease up on yourself a little bit.

  20. Sending love and hugs your way, Darnell. Thanks to you and your team for sharing this card challenge with us these last four years.

  21. I completely understand, but just wish I'd entered more! I hope you get more time to yourself, thanks for the smiles you give us, and I'm soooo sorry my picture is rubbish! xxx

  22. Wow! 4 years? No way. Family comes first and we all understand. Thanks for the leading the charge on the challenge for that many years. BTW, thank you so much for the BDay card. Hugs!!

  23. Self-care is so important and often hard to do. So although I'll miss these monthly challenges, kudos for taking time for what is important... YOU and your loved ones!

  24. Finally managed to make my Twofer entry and upload. The concept of Twofer is quite simple, for most crafters, but I don't seem to be like most crafters and it took me a week! Thank you so much for 4 years of such a creative challenge, and for sharing your lovely designs on your blog as well. Family and health always come first...you did good!

  25. Darnell, I have the utmost admiration for you! You've given us 4 years of a wonderful challenge, your team and you have inspired us with fabulous creative samples and warmed our hearts with your encouraging words. I thank you for all you've done and commend you for letting go to better care for priorities.