Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Announcing the Twofer Card Challenge!

I'm thrilled to announce a brand new card challenge coming soon!
The challenge will go live on January 10, 2018!! Mark your calendars!!

Wait. What? Yes, it's me, Darnell, and I've decided to start a card challenge!

First, I'd like to say thank you to all the challenges who have helped me by sparking my creativity over the years. I'm sure I would have run out of ideas long ago if it weren't for them. It's been a pleasure playing along and I plan to continue supporting them. I'm hoping my challenge will fit nicely into this wonderful part of our stamping community!

I created this challenge for several reasons:
  • Although I try to make more than one card with a design, I fail at this miserably and just want to start a new design immediately.
  • Although I resolve to make Christmas cards throughout the year, I fail at this miserably.
  • I'm constantly in need of cards for my stash for all occasions.
  • I need something intellectually and creatively challenging to keep the gray cells from being bored and my mojo juices flowing.
Do you feel the same way at times? Are you ready to be really challenged? Do you want to strrrreeetch your brain, your design abilities, your card stash, and all those crafty supplies you have?

Yes? Then this challenge is for YOU!

Important Dates

The challenge will run once a month from the 10th of the month to the 24th of the month. The winner and honorable mentions will be announced on the 30th of the month and the winner will have the opportunity to be a Guest Designer.


Each challenge will provide you with a "prompt" word which you will need to showcase in your two designs. ALL design styles are welcome here!


I would like to thank my wonderful inaugural Design Team for supporting me and joining me on this adventure! You can see all their smiling faces on the side bar and you can reach their talented personal blogs by clicking on their noses. I hope you'll do that and leave them some kindness. I would especially like to thank Loll for her excellent design skills and her invaluable assistance and advice.

Creative Vision

As you can see from the badge, the premise of this challenge will be to create two distinctly different designs for two different occasions using the same stamps or dies. The design emphasis will be on the words "distinctly different." The list of occasions is on the side bar.

For example, let's say the prompt is the word "elephant":
  • We will need to see that you created two distinctly different card designs using the same elephant on both.
  • We will need to see that you have created cards for two distinctly different occasions.
There is more specific information about design layout and using stamp-and-die pairings, negative/positive dies, etc. under the tab above called "FAQ." [FAQ=frequently asked questions.] And I know the Design Team's two creations each month will inspire you and show you by example.

Rules / FAQ

To make sure you are eligible to be chosen as a winner, you must follow the rules. Please read the Rules found on the tab at the top which will answer many of the questions you may have. Beginning with the first challenge, the rules will also be provided directly in the post for easy reference.


This challenge will replace my NBUS (Never-Before-Used-Schtuff) challenges which I held on my blog djkardkreations. I know. I'm sorry. You all embraced it so well, but I felt like we needed something new to sink our teeth into. I hope you will continue to reach for your NBUS when making your cards for this challenge! Using NBUS is always encouraged, but it is not a requirement for the Twofer Card Challenge. Thank you all for your support and dedication to my NBUS challenges over the years! You will always be able to access the galleries on the top tabs of my personal blog or via my Pinterest boards.


The goal of the Twofer Card Challenge is to make you feel really charged up, really challenged, and really creative by growing your design skills and using your schtuff! 

Please click the follow button on the side bar above and spread the word on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Splitcoast Stampers, text, grocery store bulletin board, or handwritten note across the back fence! 

See you on January 3rd with a reminder and on January 10th for the launch!!

Thank you! MWAH!